Modern/ Robo- Investment Advisors Vs Traditional Investment Advisors

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With changing times and everything getting digital, how can investment advisories lag behind by not enhancing their technological platform! We can see a flourishing network of various businesses running smoothly online and grabbing the limelight. It’s hard for any person not to get fascinated or captivated by the modern technology or the digital platform.

Robo-investment advisors or the modern investment advisors have expanded in their popularity and have managed to get hold of a good number of investors. When investors are given the opportunity to avail services of both traditional investment advisor and modern investment advisor, confusion and debates are inevitable. People tend to point out differences between both these kinds of advisors and here it is where we come to your rescue.

In this article, we will throw some light on the topic- Modern/ Robo- Investment Advisors Vs Traditional Investment Advisors and highlight the key aspects of their working models.

Modern investment advisors-

Modern investment advisors or robo-advisors employ a digital interface to interact with their clientele. It is via digital platform most of the interactions take place. They might also be available round the clock. Thus, robo-advisors win hands down when it comes to convenience, as investors do not have to fret about walking down all the way to their advisor’s office. Also, through a digital platform, investors can post their queries and get them resolved without much trouble.

Most of the robo-advisors do not put an emphasis on minimum criteria for investment and hence, are suitable for wide range of investors. There is no minimum investment value that an investor must make in order to avail robo investment advisor’s services.

Since robo investment advisors cater to wide range of investors, they might not be able to provide customized service and may stick to conservative investment products like ETF’s. Also, robo-investment advisors may not able to devise an investment strategy that suits your needs and requirements.

Modern investment advisory services are more suitable to investors who are not willing to invest a large amount of money, are more comfortable with interacting through online platform rather than in-person and who are interested only in investment outcome but, do not want to get involved in investment strategies.

Traditional investment advisors-

Traditional investment advisors have kept their hold since decades in the domain of investment advisory services. HNI investors still prefer to utilize traditional investment advisory services because they have the “human” touch to it. Many people feel comfortable to get their queries resolved by interacting face-to-face or through the phone with their advisors rather than posting their queries online and getting them resolved.

Traditional investment advisors can also be considered a little more “effective” since they keep their investment strategy aligned with your changing financial aspirations and investments. Sometimes, it may happen that you may have a surplus amount in hand to invest after purchasing the service. In such case, investors are given the liberty to invest more amount and a new strategy is devised.

Most of the traditional investment advisories impose restrictions on minimum amount to invest. Hence, services of traditional investment advisors may not be suitable to a wide range of investors. This can be considered as one of the downfalls of traditional investment advisory services.

Traditional investment advisory service is most suitable to investors who are willing to invest a large amount of money, get involved in each and every step of investment and interested in strategic risk-taking investment.

The above-mentioned differences between working methodologies of both modern investment advisors and traditional investment advisors can help you to choose either of the services depending upon your comfort level and needs.

How is Purnartha different from other modern investment advisories?

Purnartha Equity Investment Advisor provides research-backed equity recommendations that help investors to amplify their wealth. Purnartha’s investment philosophy is based on two simple terms- invest in good companies and be lazy! We emphasize on long-term equity investment as it has historically proven to generate maximum returns while minimizing volatility and risk-factor.

Purnartha investment advisory that combines the best features of both- modern investment advisory and traditional investment advisory. We provide a digital platform driven by on-ground research and continuous insights from experts so that they can remain updated about their current portfolio value and keep a track of their records. Our service team resolves investors queries as early as possible and hand-holding is done by our sales team to help investors select an advisory plan that is best suitable for their requirements and needs. Complete guidance is provided for KYC update process. One of the best parts of our advisory service is that we do not touch your money. You pay a small initial fee at the beginning and performance fee once the chosen hurdle rate is surpassed.

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