Evaluating your investments

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Evaluating your investments is the primary step that an investor takes in order to keep a tab on the progress of his investments. An investor remains updated whether his investments are generating a good amount of profits, is there a consistency in growth or are there any indicators of loss present! Monitoring of portfolio gives the liberty to the investor to modify or make adjustments in the portfolio as per the requirements and changing trends. Every good investor knows the importance of evaluating investments from time to time and is well-updated about its current value and profit/loss growth.

In this article, we will check four key factors that help in evaluating your investments-

  1. Performance

Performance is nothing but a parameter that enables you to understand how your investments are doing and hence, qualifies as the first and foremost parameter to assess returns on investments. It gives you a clear picture whether your devised investment strategy is delivering returns you had predicted or expected or is your investment strategy spiraling your investments to a downfall. If the market is running bearish, it is but obvious that your returns are not going to sky-rocket. Hence, while evaluating performance, take market rate into account and then track performance.

In today’s digital world, online returns calculators and other performance tracking tools are easily available. You can employ these tools and check returns or track the progress of your investments at the expense of just a single click! This is how our technology is helping to get things done at a lightning pace!

Purnartha application or https://www.purnartha.com/Purnartha/health-check-stocks-investments-portfolio.htm can help investors to health check their investment portfolio.

If the performance of your portfolio does not match the returns you have calculated, then it is time to devise an innovative investment strategy or seek the help of a professional investment advisor. Purnartha Equity Investment Advisories have delivered the benchmark-beating performance of 48.84% CAGR from April 2009 till March 2018.


  1. Asset Allocation

The asset allocation of the portfolio is another critical aspect one should look into while evaluating investments. Market rate is never the same and hence, the value of investments always keeps on fluctuating. When market value is low, it is a golden opportunity to invest in multi-bagger stocks that will deliver multi-fold returns in the long period of time. Gold may have lost its sheen and real-estate investments do not seem to be too lucrative. However, investment value changes from time to time and hence, it becomes indispensable to review asset allocation from time to time so that you do miss on huge returns.

Keeping a track of various asset allocation is not only time consuming but also a tedious task. To make your task easier, you can download some android applications like Yahoo! Finance or Personal Capital Finance will make your work comparatively easier.


  1. Fees

Fees might seem to be just a drop in the ocean of investment. But, when these drops accumulate, they form water bodies and hence, their value should not be under-estimated. Tracking of fees will give you precise details of how much money is lost in paying fees and how you can further reduce the fee payment by implementing smart investment skills. 1% or 2% money that is lost in fees can contribute a lion’s share in your future savings.

  1. Financial Aspirations

The ultimate goal of each and every investor is to achieve his/her financial aspirations. Evaluation of investments will help you in assessing whether the investment strategy is working in your favor and helping you to achieve your financial goals. If your investment strategy is working for you, you can discover new ways to further improve it and check how you can get more returns. But, if your investment strategy does not seem to help you to achieve your financial aspirations, then it is time to either change your investment strategy or consult a financial advisor as they are the right people to point out the drawbacks in your investment strategy and help you to overcome it.

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Conducting investment evaluation on regular basis is one of the best ways to stay abreast about the current value of investments, market trends and take timely measures to overcome any financial drawbacks.

Happy investing!