Budget Session To Begin Today, Opposition All Set To Nail Govt On JNU Row

India News

PM Narendra Modi’s acerbic comments about attempts to destabilise his government and his party’s strong remarks on the events in Jawaharlal Nehru University indicate another fractious session of Parliament. This is despite the government attempting to deflect possible conflict with Opposition parties ahead of the Budget session, which begins on Tuesday. It is hoping the Opposition desists from disrupting the President’s Address to the joint session of the two Houses, customarily delivered at the start of the first session of the year. Disruption of this speech rarely happens and would indicate a new low. To meet the opposition halfway, the government was ready to sequence bills in a way that contentious issues like the goods and services tax (GST) were left for the last, and by suspending other matters at hand to take up issues that are agitating the Opposition, like JNU.